We are the next generation

Predictive Analytics Engine for K-12 Education

We translate complex data into real-time solutions to promote student success.

Predictive Analytics & Big Data
in K-12 Settings

What Can It Do?

Our framework helps schools uncover powerful insights around student risk and opportunity.

Academic Performance

Safe Schools

Graduation Rates

Student Well-being

Promote Positive
School Climate

Improve Access
to Services

Ensure College
and Career Readiness

Districts are sitting on a plethora of data which is oftentimes not used to its' full potential to help students and inform practice.

The story of how a student is progressing through school is oftentimes captured in the data they leave behind. Mazin views this data as an underutilized resource that can be unleashed to help millions of students graduate from high school ready to thrive in college and careers.
~ Dr. Mariam Azin

Why Mazin Education?

Content area expertise in education combined with rigorous statistical capabilities.

Predictive analytics in education is both a SCIENCE and an ART, requiring in-depth knowledge of the needs of educators and schools, in addition to deep statistical and engineering expertise. WE HAVE BOTH.

Our Framework is:

  • Customizable

  • Accurate

  • Reliable

  • Useful

  • Research-based

Predictive Analytics Identifies Students Earlier

The Mazin predictive analytics engine has been developed over years of working with big data, districts and states across the country—and has been calibrated and designed to maximize accuracy, reliability, and usefulness.


Mazin predictive analytics automatically customizes to the unique district data scenarios often encountered in K-12 contexts.

Solutions at Work

A Promising Future for Every Student

Flexible and adaptive predictive analytics for college and career readiness, high school graduation, and more.

A True Partner

We partner with leading institutions, data management providers, states and districts to provide meaningful student and school-level insights, and predictive recommendations informed by data.

Mazin Education uses machine learning, predictive analytics, and large-scale big-data analysis to enable educators to make informed decisions regarding programs, services, and supports offered to students.