Nationally Recognized Educational Researchers

With Deep Statistical and Technical Expertise

Leading Predictive Analytics for K-12


We help districts use real data to drive decisions regarding student support. Mazin Education is the industry leader in methodologies needed to deliver predictive analytics capabilities in a scalable, quality, and customized manner to K-12 districts across the country.

Mazin Education is on a mission to help ensure that students graduate from high school ready to thrive in higher education and their chosen careers.

Decades of Expertise and Commitment

20+ Years in Education

We are acutely aware of the challenges and needs of today’s educators.

Mazin has deep statistical and methodological capabilities. Combined with our in-depth expertise in education, we are ensuring that data is fully leveraged to help students succeed.

A History of Success

Our Proven Solutions

Identifying at-risk students, before it's too late.

Ensuring students receive support.


Meet Our Founder

Mariam Azin, Ph.D.

CEO, Mazin Education
President, PRES Associates

Mazin Education uses machine learning and large-scale big data analyses to help schools make informed decisions regarding programs, services, and supports offered to students.