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It is not enough to house data, people need help in using and understanding it.

We partner with leading institutions and data management providers to provide meaningful student and school-level insights, and predictive recommendations informed by data.


Elevate Your Product and Offerings with Mazin Predictive Analytics.

We are partnering with leading institutions, data management and integration providers, and educational technology companies to elevate the content and offerings of their products.

Mazin Predictive Analytics can be marketed as an important add-on to data warehouse software to keep pace with competing products in the marketplace

Our Researchers Your Edtech

Mazin Education partners with student information systems and data integration and management partners to ensure that not only is data integrated and unified across different areas, but that this data is then used to inform practice.

We provide the research and technical expertise combined with the companies’ predictive engine designed to be scalable and compatible with the wide range of K-12 data configurations and contexts out there.

Mazin Education is the Industry Leader in Predictive Analytics for K-12 Education.

Our frameworks are working to uncover powerful insights around student risk and opportunity. By turning these insights into action our partners are positioning themselves for true student success at a large scale.