Predictive Analytics

College and Career Readiness
for K-12


By the time students reach 6th grade, we can predict with a high level of accuracy the degree to which they are on a trajectory that has typically been associated with positive post K-12 outcomes.

~ Dr. Mariam Azin

Are students leaving K-12 settings prepared to be successful in college and careers?

What supports are needed to ensure that students are prepared for college and careers after high school?

What factors have been highly predictive of students’ postsecondary K-12 success?

To what extent do our current students display characteristics that have historically been associated with positive post K-12 trajectories? 

Five Domains,
Supported by Over Two Dozen Success Indicators


Cutting-Edge College and Career Readiness Predictive Analytics

We help districts and states ensure students leave high school prepared to succeed in college and careers.


Using research-based predictors from decades of educational research and your own data, identify the factors and characteristics that, historically, have been associated with positive K-12 outcomes for students in a district.


Develop predictive models using longitudinal analyses of students who have had positive college and career readiness outcomes in the past.


Apply these predictive models to currently enrolled students from middle school onward to ascertain their current level of college and career preparedness.

Mazin Education is the Industry Leader in Predictive Analytics for K-12 Education.

With our decades of experience, we understand the needs of educators and have the research and technical expertise to do predictive analytics in a customizable, valid, and scalable manner in K-12. Nobody does this better than us.

Mazin Education is on a mission to ensure that students graduate from high school ready to thrive in higher education and in their chosen careers. We help districts use real-time data to drive decisions regarding student support and intervention.