More Than Just Data

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

You Have the Data

But are you able to fully leverage your data to help students and inform practice?

Mazin Education provides real-time, state-of-the art data analytics to be sure the data you have is being used to help students, inform your practice, and positively impact student, school, and district-level outcomes.


Our Frameworks are:

  • Customizable

  • Accurate

  • Reliable

  • Useful

  • Research-based

Tailored data science—our data scientists and researchers do the heavy lifting for you. We create predictive models customized to your unique setting, data availability, and requirements for your setting.

Schools collect a massive amount of data, but are they fully utilizing it to help students?

Mazin provides the infrastructure to perform research-based, robust, and insightful analytics on your data, real time.

Academic Performance

Safe Schools

Graduation Rates

Student Well-being

Promote Positive
School Climate

Improve Access
to Services

Ensure College
and Career Readiness

Mazin Education is the Industry Leader in Predictive Analytics for K-12 Education.

Solutions at Work

A Promising Future for Every Student

Flexible and adaptive predictive analytics for college and career readiness, high school graduation, and more.

For years, school districts have generated, collected, and stored vast amounts of data. Today, districts and states are asked not just to store the data but to provide the infrastructure to perform analytics on it. The trouble is that this task is highly resource intensive. For organizations that don't have the research and technical expertise, nor the budget for costly internal infrastructure to handle these big data workloads, this just isn’t a feasible option. In the end, the data continues to go unused and under-utilized, despite the rich stories and insights this data could provide to help students and schools.